An urgent make-up… before selling !!!

6 signs that your home needs an urgent make-up … before selling !!!

Your house is only yours and yours alone, until you decide to sell it. The moment you put a property on the market, you have to worry about what its status. This is because a house seen as “antiquated”, requires “restructuring, much work and a price retouching.

A lot of people do not care to embark on a lengthy process of restructuring of a house and even less to wait for a longer or shorter time before going to live there. That’s because it is much cheaper to modernize your apartment before putting it on sale, instead of bargaining on the sale price.

So, as follows our easy tips for an urgent make-up.

1. Doors and dark wood cabinets

The first sign that a house is now antiquated consists of the doors and the dark wood cabinets. Especially in the hallway create a sad effect, while people today looking for a bright apartment. So get to work and paint the doors.

old house  old house

2. Walls as orange peel

Many old houses have walls so-called orange peel. Ask for help from a professional or looking for information on the internet as you can remove it. There are simple and cheap methods that give fantastic results.

3. Bathrooms with tiles of thean urgent make up ’70s

Access to a bathroom with this type of tile tells us directly the year of construction of the apartment and especially the owners have not invested much. The first thing the buyer will think is that you have not spent much in the apartment maintenance and he will negotiate the price.


4. Ancient kitchens

Sometimes it is better to remove an outdated kitchen and replace it with a cardboard model to show the potential of the house to the buyer than leave an outmoded kitchen.

an urgent make-up an urgent make-up

5. Golden knobs

Golden knobs of dark doors are the most obvious sign of a distant past. Something really unattractive to most of buyers.

6. The decoration has its weight

The furniture and decoration style, rather than destroying them, surely contribute to give a first impression in the possible buyer. A questionable decorative style, with an excess of furniture and accessories, dark colors and libraries that occupy the entire wall, are indisputable signs of an outdated home.

Surely even a modern house can contain antique furniture. But ‘the best solution is always to remove some furniture, paintings and decorative items, paint the walls with white or neutral color and put some light curtains, to achieve a better chance from your buyers. Maybe it’s not your favorite style, but ‘surely will expand the number of potential buyers.

With these tips you will have a good starting point to give a more modern touch to your home and if you need, you can always rely on a professional’s Home Staging to sell your house before and at the best price.