Why buy a house in Italy now?

Italy is always beautiful and charming, and the Italian lifestyle, remains a popular destination for those Italian is not.

But it is’ this the right time to make profitable properties investment in Italy? 2017, could be a good year to take the plunge: whether the idea is to buy a property to live there and become a “real Italian”, that to make a real estate investment, market trends and in general, the price seems to suggest that we are in a positive phase in this point of view to find bargains at low prices.

Many have understood this, so much so that according to data released in December last year by the Observatory of Nomisma, there is a plus sign (+ 6%) regarding the purchase of properties.

Making a real estate investment means buying a property to make it leased giving it income or to sell it in better times.

The data we provide are from the well-known national portal. In the last 24 months in Italy the medium square meter price has dropped dramatically, going from 2,424 euro per sqm in March 2013 to 2,009 euro in July 2016. The economic crisis and the credit crunch banks have affected this a lot. And the value of real estate continues to fall relentlessly, even if perhaps less dramatic than in the recent past.

So You do not must be influenced by the idea that the recession is over, but simply, those who had money aside waited this period as the most profitable time to develop profitable property investments.